Music Technology Lab Research Projects

Comusica - Hundreds of MIT Voices Contributing to the Musical Centerpiece of the 2020 Virtual Commencement.

ConcertCue - Live Program Note Streaming Web App.

Tutti - Massive Mobile Phone Audience Participation Piece.

VR Sandbox - Music Composition and Interaction Techniques in Virtual Reality

*12* - Chamber Music Work for 9 Instruments and 12 Audience Participants using Mobile Phones. 

Student Thesis Projects

DalSegno: User-centric preference elicitation strategies for mitigating cold start in music recommender systems: Cynthia Lin, January 2024

Orchestral Conducting in Virtual Reality: Nathaniel Kim, MEng, May 2023

Arty: Expressive timbre transfer using articulation detection for guitar: Sebastian Franjou, MEng, August 2022

Sensing String Displacement as a Control Modality: Sensor Design and Implementation: Silvia Knappe, MEng May 2022

Beatty: Automatic Tempo Curve Synthesis for Expressive MIDI Track Playback: Madeline Wong, MEng, May 2022

Practica: A Music Education Application for Learning Jazz Improvisation: Julia Fiksinski, MEng, August 2021 

JamNSync: A User-Friendly, Latency-Agnostic Virtual Rehearsal Platform for Music Ensembles: Nanette Wu, MEng, June 2021

Dance2Music: An Exploration of Music Creation Through Dance in Virtual Reality: Emily Hu, MEng, February 2021

Multi-Modal Reinforcement Learning with Videogame Audio to Learn Sonic Features: Faraaz Nadeem, MEng, September 2020

RiffShuffle: A Flexible Interface for Interactive Automatic Harmonization: Brian Chen, MEng, May 2020 (see code on github)

Using Dynamic Time Warping to Improve the Classical Music Production Workflow: Smriti Pramanick, MEng, August 2019

Automating Graphical Feedback for ConcertCue’s Human Controller: Dencil Wilmot, UAP Report, May 2018

Real-time Audio Tracking Using Reference Recordings: Nathan Gutierrez, UAP Report, May 2017

Sonic Artifacts: Brian Tice, MAS Masters Thesis, June 2017

Exploration of Music Composition in Virtual Reality: Lisa Zahray, UAP Report, February 2017

Using Mobile Devices to Create a Shared Musical Experience: Danielle Penny, UAP Report, December 2016

Exquisite Score - A System for Collaborative Musical Composition: Daniel Manesh, MEng Thesis, June 2016

FunPlayer: A Real-Time Speed-Adjusted Music Accompaniment System: Daryl Neubieser, UAP Report, May 2016

Computer-Aided Autocompletion of Cadential Harmony: Gabriel Lesnick, UAP Report, May 2016