*12* is a work in twelve movements by composer Eun Young Lee, commissioned and performed by Radius Ensemble in March 2016. The piece is written for all nine members of Radius Ensemble, and has an additional musical component that is performed by certain audience members using their cell phones.

The audience interaction goal in *12* is to make the audience participants truly feel like like performers; that is, their intentions should matter and their musical output should be heard by themselves, the musicians on stage, and the rest of the audience. 

To accomplish this goal, we pre-selected 12 audience volunteers and assigned a group of three to each of four interactive movements. With a maximum of 3 audience members contributing per piece, it becomes possible to create customized phone-based instruments that compliment the sound of the stage musicians while maintaining musical coherence.

In addition, a large projected visual display showed animated computer graphics that highlighted the musical intent of the audience phone-based instruments.

You can read the 2018 NIME paper about *12*. 

An excerpt from the live performance: Scorpio for solo flute (Sarah Brady) and audience phones:

  • Interaction design and programming by Eran Egozy
  • Visual design by Jeff Hesser
  • Cellphone ​percussion samples recorded by Aaron Trant
  • Audio mastering and preparation by Nathan Gutierrez