VR SandBox

This project explores different techniques and interactions with music composition in virtual reality.

We created two VR sandboxes and playtested each on 16 participants to investigate the immersion, enjoyment, and sense of creative accomplishment different features provided to the user.

The first sandbox is the Grid Sequencer, where the user places blocks into grids to compose a looping audio track. Different rotations of the blocks cause various effects, in an attempt to more fully utilize the intuitiveness of three dimensions in VR.

The second sandbox is the Bottle Shaper. The user creates and reshapes bottle objects, which have pitch and distortion effects mapped to size and shape. Hitting a bottle with a drumstick produces a ringing noise, and positioning the bottles around a spinning fan produces a looping sequence of blown-bottle sounds. 

These projects are more fully described as part of Lisa Zahray's UAP project report.