Interactive Music Systems (21M.385 / 6.809)

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Interactive Music Systems is currently offered:

  • Fall 2019. MW11-12:30. Room 4-270.
  • Instructor: Eran Egozy.
  • TA: Magnus Johnson.

Interactive Music Systems will next be offered:

  • Spring 2020. MW11-12:30. Room 4-270.
  • Instructor: Eran Egozy.
  • TA: TBD.
  • IMPORTANT: IMS is typically over-subscribed with 70-100 applicants for 36 slots. To be considered for enrollment in this class, you MUST pre-register. Pre-registered students will receive a questionnaire on January 13, 2020, which must be completed by January 20, 2020.

Course Description

Interactive Music Systems is a hands on programming and design course that explores audio synthesis, musical structure, HCI (human computer interaction), and visual presentation as the ingredients for the creation of engaging real-time interactive musical experiences.

These experiences allow users to connect with music more deeply than through passive listening. The most successful ones give users intuitive control, greater musical insight, and a deeper emotional response to the musical experience.

Some examples include:

Students will learn about the principles, design considerations, and aesthetic qualities of interactive music systems by exploring the following topics:

  • Music perception and audio synthesis
  • Dynamic multi-track audio mixing and looping
  • MIDI/audio synchronization
  • Generative composition systems including rhythmic and melodic synthesis
  • Exploration of non-standard control devices such as game controllers, motion sensors (Kinect, Leap Motion), and pad controllers.
  • Analysis and application of design elements in music games.
  • Building graphics for UI, music visualization, and aesthetic cohesion.

The course is taught using the python programming language and therefore fluency in python is a prerequisite. Weekly assignments consist of programming exercises and content creation that equally emphasize the development of technical skills and creativity. The class requires a final project where student teams propose, design, and build an original, dynamic, and engaging interactive music system.

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