Game projects

Song Work Ahead

A construction-themed game where you build up the individual layers of a song — instruments, rhythm, and melody.

By Jasmine Chen, Carol Jiang, Rachel Robinson

Demo starts at 2:03

Something Fishy

A game where you have the role of detective Salmon Holmes and must play musical minigames to solve a mystery.

By Shorna Alam, Ayyub Abdulrezak, Nitu Renganathan

Demo starts at 2:12


A musical puzzler game, where you position objects in order to recreate a melody (and feed a hungry bat some soup).

By Daniel Villagran, Sruthi Parthasarathi, Steven Raphael

Demo starts at 3:16


An intense and fast-paced music game, using a MIDI piano keyboard, with a focus on hitting some notes -- not necessarily the correct ones.

By Daniel Benavides, Chaitanya Ravuri, Justin Yu

Demo starts at 2:58


Manipulate photons to reconstruct a piece of music in this physics-based puzzle game. 

By Catherine Deskur, Shayan Pardis, Alicia Yang

Demo starts at 3:29


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