Projects that make use of alternate controllers such as Kinect, Leap Motion, game controllers, Mio armbands, guitar/keyboard, or custom hardware


A system to produce hip-hop beats based on everyday sounds that you record.

By Collin Wen, Diego Yañez-Laguna, Lucy Kim

Demo starts at 3:48


An intense and fast-paced music game, using a MIDI piano keyboard, with a focus on hitting some notes -- not necessarily the correct ones.

By Daniel Benavides, Chaitanya Ravuri, Justin Yu

Demo starts at 2:58


Punish, kick, and jump to create music in this unique kung fu-inspired performance experience.

By Sabrina Meng, Anish Ravichandran

Demo starts at 4:06


Move through each level to the exit, avoiding or shooting enemies by matching the beats of the music. 

By Fabian Velasquez, Grace Huang, Daniel Garcia

Demo starts at 2:52


A music exploration experience that takes you through space, forests, and oceans.

By Elaine Jutamulia, Hector Carrillo, Armando Moncada

Demo starts at 2:25


Merge music and chaos in this two-player rhythm game inspired by osu!.

By Raymond Lin, Sandra Tang

Demo starts at 4:13


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