Projects that explore new ways of listening to or consuming music or music collections.


An app that analyzes any picture you draw or upload and converts it to a song based on the image's features. 

By Amy Zhong, Quinn Bowers, Carl Schildkraut

Demo at 1:48


A music exploration experience that takes you through space, forests, and oceans.

By Elaine Jutamulia, Hector Carrillo, Armando Moncada

Demo starts at 2:25

Tune Tower

A collaborative space to navigate to others' rooms and listen to their Spotify music.

By Cody Durr, Maya Lathi, and Alex Moser

Demo starts at 2:22


Explore a mystical Pandora-like world on this on-rails interactive musical ride.

By Smriti, Catheryn, Andrea, Richard, Emily

Demo starts at 4:17 (has sound issues), additional demo starts at 14:55

Ari from Eran Egozy on Vimeo.


TICS, or "The Interactive Composition System," assists you in composing music by generating natural chord progressions based on your desired parameters.

By Luke Shimanuki, Ian Clester, and Ini Oguntola

Demo starts at 2:40

TICS from Eran Egozy on Vimeo.


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