Projects that explore new ways of listening to or consuming music or music collections.


A system to produce hip-hop beats based on everyday sounds that you record.

By Collin Wen, Diego Yañez-Laguna, Lucy Kim

Demo starts at 3:48


An app that analyzes any picture you draw or upload and converts it to a song based on the image's features. 

By Amy Zhong, Quinn Bowers, Carl Schildkraut

Demo at 1:48


A music exploration experience that takes you through space, forests, and oceans.

By Elaine Jutamulia, Hector Carrillo, Armando Moncada

Demo starts at 2:25

Tune Tower

A collaborative space to navigate to others' rooms and listen to their Spotify music.

By Cody Durr, Maya Lathi, and Alex Moser

Demo starts at 2:22


Explore a mystical Pandora-like world on this on-rails interactive musical ride.

By Smriti, Catheryn, Andrea, Richard, Emily

Demo starts at 4:17 (has sound issues), additional demo starts at 14:55

Ari from Eran Egozy on Vimeo.


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