Projects that make use of alternate controllers such as Kinect, Leap Motion, game controllers, Mio armbands, guitar/keyboard, or custom hardware


Explore a mystical Pandora-like world on this on-rails interactive musical ride.

By Smriti, Catheryn, Andrea, Richard, Emily

Demo starts at 4:17 (has sound issues), additional demo starts at 14:55

Ari from Eran Egozy on Vimeo.


TICS, or "The Interactive Composition System," assists you in composing music by generating natural chord progressions based on your desired parameters.

By Luke Shimanuki, Ian Clester, and Ini Oguntola

Demo starts at 2:40

TICS from Eran Egozy on Vimeo.


A vocal and beat-matching collaborative music game.
By: Rick Huang, Stanley Cen, and Tim Chong.

Demo starts at 5:25


Facilitate the creation of rhythms on the go by turning any surface into a midi sampler
By: Adam Slakter and Rotem Hemo

Demo starts at 7:45


Create the full-band experience with just a guitar for those late-night, lonely jam sessions.

By: Katie Bartel and Polly Lal.


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