Projects that make use of alternate controllers such as Kinect, Leap Motion, game controllers, Mio armbands, guitar/keyboard, or custom hardware


Woo the love of your life with your musical talents in this ear-training dating simulator.

By Nick Garcia, Praj Mahesh, H Savoldy

Demo starts at 1:15

Goat Quest

Play with a friend as two goats in space shooting down gems in time with the music.

By Aaron Fleischer, Erick Gbordzoe, Moises Trejo

Demo starts at 4:17


A real-time, collaborative music creation system controlled via hand gestures.

By Annie Zhang, Hophin Kibona, Nathan Kim

Demo starts at 3:33


A flexible and intuitive DJ system that employs a MIDI DJ controller.

By Alexander Warren, Leo Martinez, Vishruti Ganesh

Demo starts at 4:24


Get the ball to the top while completing the music in this launchpad-controlled musical puzzle game.

By Jianna Liu, Julie Meng, and Justin Park

Demo starts at 1:08


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