Composing for Solo Instrument and Live Electronics (21M.380)


21M.380 is a special topics course.  Composing for Solo Instrument and Live Electronics is being offered in Fall 2019 and is taught by Matthew Schumaker.


A hands-on music technology composition seminar combining instrumental writing with real-time computer music. Students work closely with an accomplished classical instrumentalist, learning to compose for the instrument and developing computer programs that accompany the live performance with computer-generated sound. We examine significant works in this evolving canon, studying both the score and attendant computer programs as models for new compositions.

Topics include: composing and programming hybrid instrumental/computer music works; the architecture of real-time computer music programs; real-time generative and algorithmic composition techniques for computer accompaniment; computer-assisted composition techniques; high-level control of digital signal processing for live sound analysis and transformation; analysis of significant solo instrument and live electronics repertoire; and extended performance techniques for solo instrument. The course utilizes the Max/MSP visual programming environment in combination with the odot scripting language.


Prerequisites: 21M.051 and 21M.361, or permission of the instructor