MIT Laptop Ensemble (21M.470)

FaMLE Spring 2021
Directed by Ian Hattwick

FaMLE invites you join us for our Spring 2021 season of live electronic music performance! We have a lot of fun activities planned for this semester and welcome members from any discipline and background to collaborate on making innovative new music.

Live coding will continue to be a part of our practice, using two web-based live coding platforms:
1. Kilobeat, created by MIT music tech alumni Ian Clester [kilobeat](
2. Gibber, created by WPI professor Charlie Roberts [YouTube](

We will also be collaborating with the Jamaica Plains Sax Quartet, creating and performing a piece where the laptops use game controllers to process the saxophone sound in real-time.

In addition, we will be creating an interactive light-and-sound sculpture which can be programmed over the internet -  both as part of this semester’s performances and as a platform for further sound installations.
For this semester rehearsals will continue to be online, and will also include private sessions with me to work on exploring your own musical interests. All are welcome, no audition necessary!

Feel free to email me with any questions or if you can’t make the first meeting but would still like to participate.


The MIT Laptop Ensemble (FaMLE) is a forum for the exploration of emerging digital musical practices, giving ensemble members hands-on experience with compositional and performance strategies based on current research. The F20-S21 season will focus on the practice of live coding, with concerts featuring performers writing code in real-time to generate music and visuals. We will use a variety of live coding languages created by current practitioners and researchers, including past and present FaMLE members, and ensemble members will also be invited to contribute to compositions and live coding language development. Rehearsals and concerts will take place remotely, and concerts will be live-streamed. No previous experience required or audition required.

About FaMLE:

FaMLE is the MIT Laptop Ensemble, and is a living laboratory examining how new digital technologies are shaping musical performance. Using laptop computers as our primary canvas, we look into how our digital lives suggest new opportunities for musical collaboration and exploration. Musically omnivorous, FaMLE can sound like electronic Debussy, Romulan synthpop, a luminous treefrog city, or anything in-between. Using new digital musical instruments and unorthodox performance techniques, a FaMLE concert provides a window into the future of live music.

Note: as a 6-unit ensemble course, FaMLE contributes towards 1/2 of a HASS elective credit.