MIT Laptop Ensemble (21M.470)

Spring 2020

Directed by Ian Hattwick

Rehearsals 3 - 4:30pm Tue & Thurs

Killian Hall, 14W-111

FaMLE is the MIT Laptop Ensemble: a forum for the exploration of emerging digital musical practices, giving ensemble members hands-on experience with compositional and performance strategies based on current research. Concerts by the ensemble include repertoire drawn both from historical electronic and computer music compositions, as well as new compositions by invited composers. Also includes opportunities for ensemble members to compose for and conduct the ensemble. Weekly rehearsals focus on concepts drawn from a variety of 20th- and 21st-century practices, including experimental and improvised music, telematic performance, gestural controllers, multimedia performance, live coding, and interactive music systems. No previous experience required. Admission by audition.

About FaMLE:

FaMLE is the MIT Laptop Ensemble, and is a living laboratory examining how new digital technologies are shaping musical performance. Using laptop computers as our primary canvas, we look into how our digital lives suggest new opportunities for musical collaboration and exploration. Musically omnivorous, FaMLE can sound like electronic Debussy, Romulan synthpop, a luminous treefrog city, or anything in-between. Using new digital musical instruments and unorthodox performance techniques, a FaMLE concert provides a window into the future of live music.

Note: as a 6-unit ensemble course, FaMLE contributes towards 1/2 of a HASS elective credit.