21M.380 Laptop Orchestras and Network Music


21M.380: Laptop Orchestes and Network Music will be taught by Ian Hattwick in Spring 2019.


Examines how performers and composers utilize computers and digital networks to create new forms of ensemble performance. We will take a hybrid approach to our research, combining the study of past and present digital music ensembles with hands-on experience composing and performing music for laptops. Topics covered include: the beginnings of network music in the Bay area, the rise of the Laptop Orchestra, the laptop ensemble as research lab, the creation of interconnected musical networks, telematic music and transmitting audio over the internet, performing with tangible controllers, collaborative performance systems, creative inclusive music performance systems, live coding, immersive audio and environments, and compositional and conducting strategies for laptop ensemble. The semester will conclude with a public performance of students works and repertoire  drawn from existing ensembles.