Spring 2021

Track Stacker

Play songs on your computer by playing each part on a different virtual instrument. Hit the gems at the right time to play the iintended songs or make your own from scratch!

By: Nehemiah Seblu, Shree Mohran, Abilash Prabhakaran

Demo starts at 4:00


Challenge your friends or the computer to play back your melodies in this riff battle game.

By: August Trollback, Max Porlein, Richard Liu

Demo starts at 3:30


Online multiplayer deathmatch game where players fight for the dominance of their melody.

By: Jerema Ma, Michelle He, Nestor Santiago-Perez

Demo starts at 2:30

Tempo Run

In this space-themed rhythm game, play parts of a song by grabbing coins. Choose more difficult parts to earn more points and unlock the ability to improvise.   

By: Richard Gong, Christian Scarlett, Daniel Sun

Demo starts at 5:00


A game where you jump from building to building in time with the music toi bring clor back to the city.

By: Aaron Garza, Bex Nelson, Matthew Hambacher

Demo start at 3:05


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