Game projects


Manipulate photons to reconstruct a piece of music in this physics-based puzzle game. 

By Catherine Deskur, Shayan Pardis, Alicia Yang

Demo starts at 3:29


Learn to sing in harmony with this duet-based karaoke game with a dedicated teaching functionality. 

By Jenny Li, Joey Zheng, Pleng Chomphoochan

Demo starts at 2:45


Move through each level to the exit, avoiding or shooting enemies by matching the beats of the music. 

By Fabian Velasquez, Grace Huang, Daniel Garcia

Demo starts at 2:52

Sing Go Hero

Collect coins by singing karaoke, with the added bonus of tempo change and voice filter shenanigans.

By Natalie Huang, Qingyang Zhu, Emma Qin

Demo starts at 3:23


Merge music and chaos in this two-player rhythm game inspired by osu!.

By Raymond Lin, Sandra Tang

Demo starts at 4:13


Woo the love of your life with your musical talents in this ear-training dating simulator.

By Nick Garcia, Praj Mahesh, H Savoldy

Demo starts at 1:15


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