Game projects

Beat Boxer

Kick, punch, jump and duck to the beat in this very active rhythm game.

By Andy Lambert, Katherine Xiong, and Ian Merrick

Demo starts at 3:05


A collaborative rhtyhm game where 2 players have to time their jumps and landings well to play music and score points.

By Belinda Shi, Geoffrey Wang, and Tommy Heng

Demo starts at 1:38


Get the ball to the top while completing the music in this launchpad-controlled musical puzzle game.

By Jianna Liu, Julie Meng, and Justin Park

Demo starts at 1:08

Music Connect

Use your ears to connect all the stars in the right order and play the right melodies in this music puzzle game.

By Jenny Zhao, Steven Qu, and Tiffany Huang

Demo starts at 3:15

Track Stacker

Play songs on your computer by playing each part on a different virtual instrument. Hit the gems at the right time to play the iintended songs or make your own from scratch!

By: Nehemiah Seblu, Shree Mohran, Abilash Prabhakaran

Demo starts at 4:00


Challenge your friends or the computer to play back your melodies in this riff battle game.

By: August Trollback, Max Porlein, Richard Liu

Demo starts at 3:30


Online multiplayer deathmatch game where players fight for the dominance of their melody.

By: Jerema Ma, Michelle He, Nestor Santiago-Perez

Demo starts at 2:30


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