Fall 2020


A musical city-building app that generates music based on the roads and characters.

By Agustin Garcia, Melody Phu, and Yogeshwar Velingker

Demo starts at 2:43

Tune Tower

A collaborative space to navigate to others' rooms and listen to their Spotify music.

By Cody Durr, Maya Lathi, and Alex Moser

Demo starts at 2:22

Tune Raider

A musical maze game in which players must rely on their sense of hearing to find the correct musical tracks.

By Hannah Adams, Demar Edwards, and Kriti Jain

Demo starts at 2:48


Singing a melody generates a harmonious accompaniment in the genre and instrumentation of your choosing.

By Anders Olsen, Ashika Verma, and Jake Whitton

Demo starts at 2:33


An interactive and collaborative music-building game, inspired by Overcooked.

By Silvia Knappe, Wanlin Li, and Sneha Ramachandran

Demo starts at 1:52


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