Projects that assist the user in creating music


Manipulate photons to reconstruct a piece of music in this physics-based puzzle game. 

By Catherine Deskur, Shayan Pardis, Alicia Yang

Demo starts at 3:29


An app that analyzes any picture you draw or upload and converts it to a song based on the image's features. 

By Amy Zhong, Quinn Bowers, Carl Schildkraut

Demo at 1:48


A real-time, collaborative music creation system controlled via hand gestures.

By Annie Zhang, Hophin Kibona, Nathan Kim

Demo starts at 3:33


A flexible and intuitive DJ system that employs a MIDI DJ controller.

By Alexander Warren, Leo Martinez, Vishruti Ganesh

Demo starts at 4:24

Track Stacker

Play songs on your computer by playing each part on a different virtual instrument. Hit the gems at the right time to play the iintended songs or make your own from scratch!

By: Nehemiah Seblu, Shree Mohran, Abilash Prabhakaran

Demo starts at 4:00


A musical city-building app that generates music based on the roads and characters.

By Agustin Garcia, Melody Phu, and Yogeshwar Velingker

Demo starts at 2:43


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